Campaign Updates

Americans for Prosperity-Texas Applauds Chris Hill

Americans for Prosperity-Texas Applauds Chris Hill

AUSTIN - Americans for Prosperity-Texas, the premier advocate of economic freedom with more than 110...

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Chris Hill Endorsed by Tim Lambert and the THSC

Chris Hill Endorsed by Tim Lambert and the THSC

Dear Friends, Today, North Texas families need elected officials who will partner with us to serv...

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Chris Hill Endorsed by State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

Chris Hill Endorsed by State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

Momentum continues to grow for Chris Hill, a conservative Republican and McKinney CPA running for Co...

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Campaign Releases Chris Hill’s Professional Credentials

Campaign Releases Chris Hill’s Professional Credentials

McKinney, Texas - Citing a commitment to transparency and openness, the Chris Hill campaign today ha...

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Today, we need principled, conservative leaders who will stand tall and serve the community with excellence and integrity. I am excited to endorse Chris Hill as the right candidate for Collin County Commissioner (Precinct 3). He has the professional skills and experience to serve Collin County with excellence. And more importantly, he has the personal character and values to lead with integrity. Chris shares our conservative values, and will be an excellent commissioner for precinct 3.–Kelly Shackelford, President & CEO of Liberty Institute

As a commonsense conservative, Chris Hill will be strong voice for taxpayers on the Collin County Commissioners Court.–Michael Quinn Sullivan, President & CEO of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Collin County is a dynamic and growing community. There are many challenges for the county, including how to balance needed infrastructure and services while keeping tax rates in check and encouraging businesses to make their home in Collin County. Chris Hill has the experience, conservative values and personal integrity to meet these challenges. Chris is a CPA, and holds an MBA. His experience as an auditor will help him evaluate county finances and ensure best practices. Chris has committed to serve full-time as County Commissioner. This dedication to the role demonstrates his commitment to the voters and taxpayers of Precinct 3. I am proud to endorse Chris Hill for County Commissioner, Precinct 3.–Melissa Spence, Precinct 130 Chairman, Allen

Chris' successful background in corporate finance, treasury operations, financial analysis, auditing, and handling annual budgets makes him the ideal candidate to represent Precinct 3 in the Collin County Commissioners Court. His financial background will be an asset in carrying out the county's vision of delivering timely, high quality state mandated services in the most cost effective and innovative manner possible."–Deidra Dennis, Precinct 5 Chairman, Allen

Chris Hill has what it takes to represent Precinct 3. His business experience combined with his excellent character qualities are exactly what is needed! Chris Hill has many strengths for this office. His credentials are above the rest! Among them are his commitment and dedication in various positions within the Republican Party for many years before deciding to run for office. This shows his true interest in conservative values! He has no other business interests that would compromise his decision making for our area. I love that Chris is going to work for us full time and He believes that excellence to this office will require it. Chris Hill is without a doubt the most qualified and I am excited to have him as our County Commissioner."–Kathy Hebert, Precinct 179 Chairman, Fairview

I am confident in my vote of Chris Hill for Collin County Commissioner, precinct 3. Time and again I have witnessed Chris display strong fiscally conservative virtues and the highest level of personal integrity. Chris has the skills to meet and exceed the duties required of Collin County Commissioner."–Tor Helgeson, Precinct 122 Chairman, McKinney

Chris Hill has demonstrated a solid work ethic, strong conservative values, has attained very appropriate business experience and possesses outstanding educational accomplishments and made a commitment to serve as Commissioner for District 3 in Collin County. His willingness to commit full time to the position of commissioner provides an opportunity for the Collin County voters to elect another outstanding representative of the people who will maintain the integrity and discipline we expect from each of our elected officials. I strongly support and recommend Mr. Chris Hill for this position."–Charles Molyneaux, Precinct 60 Chairman, Parker

Chris Hill has the unique skill set and people skills that make him extraordinarily qualified to serve as a Collin County Commissioner. The issues facing a growing county like Collin County need the type of expertise and conservative values that Chris brings to the table. Chris is a man of integrity, who values his family and desires to foster a community that supports families, business and a small government. I, with excitement, endorse Chris Hill for Collin County Commissioner Precinct 3."–Mary Carl Finkelstein, Precinct 107 Chairman, Plano

Collin County needs a commissioner in precinct 3 with the skills and experience to serve with excellence, and the conservative values and character to serve with integrity. After a careful review of the candidates for county commissioner precinct 3, the clear choice is Chris Hill. Chris is a strong fiscal and social conservative, and he will serve Collin County well. I am proud to endorse Chris for Collin County Commissioner in Precinct 3.–Linda Jenkins, Collin County Conservative Republicans PAC Chair

We need a commissioner with the business skills, experience and background to serve our county. I am proud to endorse Chris Hill as the candidate who has the professional experience and personal character to lead Collin County with excellence and integrity! Chris is a certified public accountant (CPA) with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) and a master’s degree in accounting (MSA). He has served as the corporate controller for multi-million dollar organizations. Chris shares my conservative values and my commitment to limited government and low taxes. Collin County deserves a commissioner who is willing to serve the citizens of Collin County full-time. Chris is the only candidate in this race who has made that pledge.–Ray Huffines, Huffines Dealerships

I have known Chris since he was in high school. I have observed his character, integrity, and work habits first hand and have watched him develop into a highly qualified professional who has a heart to serve his community. In this case, the community is Precinct 3 in Collin County. Chris has a sharp, analytical mind and has no pre-existing agenda other than to serve and influence local government positively. As Collin County grows rapidly, he has a vision to see our communities excel in providing a quality of life that is exceptional with a minimum of government encroachment. He will be an agent of collaboration and support between county and community governments so that precious tax revenue is used wisely and efficiently. I am confident that Chris will serve us well.–Dr. Bob Collins, Collin College Trustee, Farmersville

I've known Chris Hill for several years, especially in his role as the Collin County Republican Treasurer. Chris is a fantastic guy, and a very diligent & passionate conservative. The concerns that are foremost in his mind are his family, his city, and his county. Every time I've worked with Chris has been enjoyable. Chris is clearly the most conservative candidate in the Collin County Commissioners race. Chris has my wholehearted support as Collin County Commissioner.–Brian Fletcher, Precinct 134 Chairman

I am giving my endorsement for Chris Hill. Chris is a friend of mine that is running for County Commissioner for Collin County. It has been exciting to work with Chris and be a part of his campaign. I ask for your support as well!–Jeremy Logsdon, McKinney

Chris Hill is our man! His integrity and values make him invaluable to our county government! He is ethical, straight forward, and never compromises.–Sandie McWherter, McKinney

Chris Hill will make a great county commissioner!–Sharron Albertson, Plano

Chris Hill knows what the job requires and has the ability to work honestly for our good.–Carole Shine-Jones, McKinney

I am proud to endorse Chris Hill for County Commissioner!–Kimberly Pearson

I have known Chris since we were kids and he has always been a person of great integrity and character. Collin County will be lucky to have a man like Chris Hill.–Bill Myers

It's great to see a godly man willing to serve the people of Collin County!–Jane Asberry

Chris is a personal friend of mine and a man of exceptional integrity and character. I am excited that he is running for County Commissioner!–Teresa Armstrong, Frisco

A man of high character, integrity, and intelligence who will do what is best for the people of Collin County!–Zach Parish

I have known Chris for six years, and he is the most trustworthy, hardworking conservative I know. In today's world, having a strong moral character is the most important attribute and that is why I recommend Chris Hill for County Commissioner.–Eric Kooymans, McKinney

I know Chris to be a strong leader, but I also know him to be a Godly man and a political conservative that I am honored to support (for County Commissioner).–Dawn Hooper, McKinney